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Harris Miller is not a "high-tech executive"

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Re. "Campaign Is a Yawner No Longer: 2 Democratic Novices Are Suddenly Shaking Up Allen's Reelection Bid"

You have misreported Harris Miller's past.

Wash Post: "Harris Miller, a high-tech executive,"
Reality: Miller was, until recently, the president of and aggressive lobbyist for the pro-outsourcing and anti-American worker ITAA and WITSA corporate lobbies.

Wash Post: "Miller's rise from the "coal and steel country of western Pennsylvania" to the high-tech corridors of Northern Virginia lends itself to the American Dream background that politicians crave, and it has also made him a wealthy man."

Reality: Shilling for American corporations as they engaged in a ruthless campaign to eliminate their American workforce and shift work into the hands of low-wage Third World workers (offshore or through the use of so-called "busines visas" or "non-immigrant visas") has made Miller a wealthy man with the inaccurate public reputation of a technology leader.

Far from it. Miller is the minister of propaganda for global labor arbitrage -- the replacement of middle class Americans with low-wage Third World workers for the benefit of elite managerial and investor classes.

Miller's apt nickname among some detractors is Harris "the shiller" Miller.

Keep in mind that Miller's achievement of the "American Dream" (wealth and power), a frequent theme of his campaign, came at the cost of hundreds of thousands of American jobs and the lost dreams of millions of Americans.

Harris Miller and his allies undermine the American Dream and render the entire idea of upward mobility through education and hard work untenable where unlimited outsourcing and importation of low wage replacement workers is completely legal and politically acceptable.

Harris Miller is the enemy of the American middle class and our middle class society.

Harris Miller DESTROYS American jobs and ruins lives.

Are my views credible? Am I an "expert"? You be the judge.

I have witnessed outsourcing first-hand as a software engineer and database administrator in the Fortune 500.

I have written about this phenomenon for more than 3 years. I have engaged in political activism re. this issue for more than 3 years.

I have been published in Computerworld and Counterpunch, among other journals.

And, I served as the Policy Analyst for a national anti-outsourcing group (a position in which I assisted a number of journalists with stories, including some from the Washington Post).

I've been interviewed and quoted in a number of publications including the LA Times and the New York Times.


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