Wednesday, September 26, 2007

UAW Strike and the Jobs Issue

Sometimes, (quite often) I want to yell, "It's about jobs, stupid!"

Many politicians and journalists seem to live in a bubble where life is good for them and they have difficulty relating to the concerns of middle class Americans who live in fear of job loss to low wage workers outside the U.S. or imported into the U.S. on "guest worker" programs.

Confrontations like the UAW strike are actually a "reality check" for those of us who know something is wrong with the current economy but don't get alot of useful information from the mainstream media. The reality which with which most of us must contend breaks into the "pretend" world of the managed media.

Here's a terrific quote from the New York Sun describing what's really bubbling under the surface:

The GM dispute highlights the conflicting arguments about free trade that have until now rarely surfaced between presidential hopefuls. The strike will ensure that the Democratic candidates will face tough questions at tonight's debate in New Hampshire, televised on MSNBC, about what they would do to keep jobs in America.

Note: The article mentions how Hillary is supposedly taking positions in opposition to "free trade". I believe that this is fraudulent and meant to "cover over" her profitable, long-term support of corporations and the offshore outsourcing programs they demand.


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