Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Efficacy of the Lie and the Politics of Desperation

The Roanoke Times reports today that Harris Miller said: "Clearly Mr. Webb has been a Republican all his life, so he has a different view of the world than I do."

It's an interesting strategy borne out of desperation for Harris Miller to attack James Webb as a life-long "Republican".

In fact, as anyone who has read James Webb's many public articles and books will attest and anyone who has reviewed Mr. Webb's commendable and honorable service to our nation (which has recognised his heroic conduct on the battlefield,) James Webb is one of the most sincere and honest Democrats we now have in public life.

Mr. Webb's public announcement of affiliation with the broader Democratic Party rather than being the stuff of mere formality, is clearly underpinned by his body of writing. It is underpinned by his public actions. It is underpinned by Mr. Webb's willingness to explain himself on blogs and in interviews. We know where Jim Webb stands -- with the working people -- with the middle class -- with the ideals of a democratic society.

Insulting the intelligence of the electorate with unfounded claims that James Webb is a "Republican" does nothing but underscore the emptiness of Harris Miller's claim to be a "Democrat".

Of course, Harris Miller has a long history of working against the interests of middle class blue collar and white collar Americans. So, it's to be expected that Miller will attempt to muddy the waters and avoid a real discussion of his political philosophy (or lack thereof).

As Mr. Miller is a long-time student of political philosophy and practitioner of politics as an effective pro-outsourcing business lobbyist, he is quite aware of Machiavelli's admonitions regarding the efficacy of the lie.

And lie Mr. Miller does and has done for years extending unto decades. He has lied about labor shortages. He has lied about inadequacies of skill and education in American workers. He has lied about the utter failure of American educators -- American teachers -- to prepare children for the jobs of the 21st century. He has lied about the use of imported foreign workers to facilitate offshore outsourcing of American jobs. He has lied about the presence of foreign workers in the U.S. imported by corporations to perform work that Americans can and should perform.

In sum, it's quite reasonable to say that Harris Miller's wealth and success has been based on his mastery of the lie coupled to his unprincipled subservience to business interests single-mindedly engaged in maximising profits without regard to the adverse consequences to our fellow citizens, our society, our communities, and our country.

To which party then does Harris Miller pledge his loyalty? Clearly not the Democratic Party of real democrats. I suggest that Miller is an ally of the "Party of Davos" -- the international group of intellectuals and business leaders who care more for a world built around business efficiency, maximising transnational profits and the enrichment of international elites of investors.

Miller is clearly not concerned about the impact of such policies on the American people. Harris Miller is not a "good Democrat".

Harris Miller's acquisition of wealth, power, and political influence which he calls the realisation of the "American Dream" came at the cost of ruining the dreams of millions of hard-working Americans whose jobs he helped destroy. (That he had allies and collaborators in this activity is no defense; he has allied himself against the interests of millions of Americans.)

Is Harris Miller the sort of candidate that Democrats can reasonably support? I think not.


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