Monday, April 17, 2006

Harris Miller Lie Machine

Last Friday, the Washington Post published an article reporting charges leveled against Miller in an AFL-CIO union letter and fact sheet. The response from the Miller campaign was classic "smoke and mirrors".

According to the WP, "Miller's communications director, Taylor West, downplayed the importance of the letter and said Miller will be courting union voters by stressing the need for better education and training so that Virginians can compete."

"Harris is not someone who wants to see jobs leaving this country," West said. "We have to acknowledge the realities of a global economy and be sure we're providing the resources and the tools for our workers."

The claim that American education is so flawed and training is so inadequate that jobs are fleeing the U.S. is laughable -- nay contemptible. These are the stock claims of the outsourcing and worker replacement lobby -- the lobby in which Harris Miller was a major player until only recently.

How does Miller explain the replacement and job loss of long time American information technology workers and others in professional, scientific, engineering and technical areas?

Many of these American workers are highly experienced, well educated and not recent graduates of university. Any alleged problems with the American education system could not possibly explain the continued huge job losses to outsourcing and the common use of foreign replacement workers. The continuing high levels of unemployment, underemployment and non-employment of skilled, experienced, educated Americans indicates that outsourcing and "business visa" programs are eliminating middle class employement opportunities for Americans.

Americans want middle class jobs and can’t get them. Middle class jobs have been moved out of the U.S., are being moved out of the U.S., are increasingly not even being created in the U.S. and when the jobs do exist in the U.S., they are being filled by imported low wage replacement workers instead of qualified Americans.

Harris Miller has helped do to white collar workers that which has been done and is being done to American blue collar workers. Miller's actions are equivalent to shipping factories and factory jobs to China.

Miller has lied about the reason why American jobs are disappearing and he has helped enable the job losses.

What American values are served by this sort of behavior? Is greed an "American value" which deserves reward with a seat in the U.S. Senate?

Miller has long been the cheerleader of outsourcing and worker replacement programs; he’s still lying about these programs. It's also clear that Miller's campaign has turned itself into a "lie machine" justifying the injustice of corporate "leaders" and defending the indefensible.

Harris Miller is the enemy of middle class working Americans.

Harris Miller is the enemy of the United States.

Harris Miller is a greedy self-interested elitist who does not care about our nation or our society.

It is an insult to the millions of displaced and replaced American workers to claim that they lost their jobs because they were incompetent, unskilled, uneducated, ill-educated and unable to perform work which went offshore or is now filled with imported replacement workers.



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