Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Good Jobs We Want and Need

E.J. Dionne Jr has an interesting article this morning in the Washington Post. The title is "In Search Of a New New Deal" (Subtitle: "How Will the Good Jobs Of the Future Be Created?") Take a few minutes and have a read. It might give you yet another good reason to vote for Jim Webb.

If you've been following the Webb-Miller contest, you'll see that Jim Webb and Harris Miller have been talking about the issues Dionne raises. They have different approaches; I think that Webb's is the more sincere and realistic. Like the warning over waging war against Iraq, Webb was early and right. Jim Webb's comments about the state of the middle class and economic fairness take account of the current trends and show that he is prepared to take action on the problems. Meanwhile, Miller's call's for additional education as the cure all for offshore outsourcing is a mantra without substance which conveniently conceals the labor arbitrage at work in our country and the world.

Dionne quotes Princeton economist Alan Blinder as saying, "we have so far barely seen the tip of the offshoring iceberg, the eventual dimensions of which may be staggering." Isn't this the time for truly enlightented leaders -- the time we need Jim Webb?


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