Monday, May 22, 2006

Harris Miller's Training, Re-training and Education Lies

Unable to view the video of the recent Webb-Miller debate, I cannot comment accurately on all that was actually said by Harris Miller and Jim Webb.

However, I’ve read that Miller has repeatedly emphasised the need for better education and training as if there is a widespread deficiency in American workers or a true “labor shortage”. Previously, Miller has gone so far as to claim that this is the cause of offshore outsourcing and widening use of skilled/highly educated NIV workers. I hope that the Webb campaign and Webb supporters jump on this claim hard. It is absolutely untrue.

In fact, we find that American students are avoiding fields considered “high tech” for fear of offshore outsourcing job loss – declining job opportunities. We find American workers leaving IT when possible because of offshore outsourcing and use of imported replacement workers. We find cases of underemployed and uncounted unemployed IT workers. Harris Miller should be held to account for this.

We now see that widening categories of white collar work are targeted for offshore outsourcing and NIV worker replacement using the model implemented by Miller’s ITAA corporate friends. The idea that training, retraining and education is the “solution” to the “cut throat” economic disaster unleashed on American middle class workers is absurd – a grotesque and despicable lie.

The reason why Harris Miller has occassionally been characterised as the “anti-christ” by IT workers is because he has been the “point man” for corporations anxious to use any means available to axe their more costly American workforce and replace them with cheap labor from nations such as China and India. Lies, distortions, phony "studies" and massive lobbying efforts aimed at politicians and the media have all been part of Miller's amazing bag of tricks in his long tenure as a hired gun for the pro-outsourcing "tech lobby".

It's tremendously hypocritical for the man so greatly responsible for the declining American middle class "information age" jobs to now spin lies about solving the problems he has done so much to create. Harris Miller is incredible; he is beyond belief.


Blogger EvolvedHomoSapien said...

nice site, you need a little pictures, you know it woul make it look nicer

Mon May 22, 12:20:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Stomp Allen said...

Miller is an interrupter and a rude man.
Not what we need in the Senate, that's for sure.

Mon May 22, 01:53:00 PM GMT-5  

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