Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Bush-Allen Economy

Readers of this blog are no doubt curious as to my long absence from The Modern Patriot and Raising Kaine.

Well, I've been engaged in a job search which has required a tremendous amount of time and effort. The middle class jobs situation is not as rosy as many politicians, pundits and business "leaders" commonly claim.

The reality which I experience every day is that the Bush-Allen economy is shedding middle class jobs for Americans. Why do I say "Bush-Allen economy"? I say this because George Allen supports George Bush's economic and trade policies which destroy American middle class jobs and injure the interests of American working people. George Allen is among the sponsors of the so-called "SKIL bill" which will further increase the number of low-wage foreign white collar workers permitted entrance into the U.S. where they will be used to displace additional American workers and close further employment opportunities for Americans.

Earlier this week, in his latest article at Counterpunch, economist and writer Paul Craig Roberts said the economy is not doing well. In particular, I was struck by Dr. Roberts' comment that "American economists are yet to face up to the fact that offshoring high productivity, high value-added jobs that pay well and replacing them with waitresses and bartenders is a knife in the heart of the US economy."


Blogger llamajockey said...

Glad To have you back. I am interested in an opportunity to help you post articles to this site inorder to keep folks up to date on Global Labor Arbitrage related issues and the 2006 campaign.

The "SKIL Bill" is really a "CAREER DESTROYER" for anybody working in the IT industry. By effectively more than doubling the annual H1-B quota with a built in 20% kicker over multiple years, excepting untold tens of thousands more foreign "nonimmigrant" workers from even being counted against the quotas, removing any vestage of Department of Labor oversite and handing out Green Cards to hundreds of thousands of foreign graduate students, the SKIL bill will decimate career opportunities for US IT workers and engineers.

The politicians know this and are for the first time in over 15 years are actually afraid to pass H1-B visa boosting legislation in an election year. The ability of the ITAA to dominate both the Media and the public's perception on the nonimmigrant technology visa issues is beginning to wane. The public is catching on to the ITAA hustle and the defeat of Harris Miller was the turning point. However this election season and following lameduck session are absolutely critical. It looks like the ITAA is going to go all out to have the SKIL bill passed in the lameduck session in what would be a horribly undemocratic and corrupt move.

If the SKIL bill passes it would almost be impossible for a coalition of progressives and anti-immigration conservatives to due anything about the increased H1-B quotas until 2009. The ITAA and Corporatist politicians in both parties will easily be able to quietly strangle any reform measures reversing the damage in committee or through filibuster if need be.

I am going to be making considerable time available inorder to help elect progressive candidates here in Indiana who are pro H1-B and L1 visa reform. I am willing to devote enough time to post articles several times a week pending your approval of course to this website. I routinely post comments to most of the major progressive blogs and I am sure I could help drive traffic to this site. Doing so would be a much better investment of time than trying to launch my own blog during this truely critical time.

I have a profound self interest to help out since I have been a seriously underemployed IT professional with over 16 years experience since late 2002. I was truely heartbroken in 2004 by the defeat of John Kerry. I was especially outraged by the leadership of the Democratic party under the corrupting influence of the DLC to take a pro-worker stand on the H1 and L1 visa programs during the 2004 campaign. Through the hours I spent phoning banking and canvassing for Democrats I learned just how lousy trade policies, NAFTA and the H1 and L1 visa programs have hurt Americans and turned millions away from the Democratic party. But the crushing defeat of Harris Miller by Jim Webb has for the first time in four years given me hope.

However I have no illusions, I am convinced that that unless the ITAA can be stopped this election cycle I no longer have any hope of a future IT related career. I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of IT professionals who feel the same way.

I want to help. So please reply. I will be sending you an email later this evening.

Mon Aug 28, 05:43:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Info_Tech_Guy said...


I appreciate your comments and dedication to this issue.

Please forgive me for not replying right away. The time demands of an employment search and interviews has been tremendous.

Since I am still "looking" any time unrelated to finding employment remains extremely limited.

As you have noted and I have posted repeatedly on this site, the employment situation for white collar professionals is NOT as rosy as many mainstream media "news" accounts claim.

Fri Sep 01, 07:27:00 AM GMT-5  

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