Saturday, April 29, 2006

Webb Takes the High Road

Matt Stoller should be ashamed. He has leveled unfair accusations against Jim Webb.

Jim Webb has chosen to make this a campaign about political issues. He does not want to step into an Allen family fight and make accusations about actions outside the public arena so far from the present issues of the day. I'm sure that if Allen made public statements today asserting a racist agenda or a supposed right to violence against women, Jim Webb would be all over the SOB.

If Matt Stoller can't see this distinction or willfully chooses to ignore it, he has my contempt...

Stoller's final sentence was sickening:"James Webb should be ashamed today. He acted without honor, without decency, and without courage. For shame."

The shame is on Matt Stoller. He is unable to distinguish between an honest and honorable disagreement over the merits of political debate topic, on the one hand, and the deliberate tolerance or embrace of family violence and racial hostility.

Stoller should issue an apology to Jim Webb and a retraction. Our political system needs less misguided zealots -- not more of them.

Jim Webb has "class" -- he is passionate about the issues which concern us all. That's damn clear from his public speaking. This is a candidate with "fire in his belly" but the integrity to speak about issues.

Jim Webb wants to avoid the accusation of personal attack -- something the MSM and the Republican/Allen "lie machine" would surely charge him with if he attempted to speak on the matters which Stoller promotes.

I have no doubt that Jim Webb is a man of the highest honor and integrity. His counselors and advisors give evidence of his credibility. (I note that Stoller has criticism for these honorable people as well.)


Blogger Dannyboy said...

Mark Warner issued a "no comment." Does Stoller think that Warner should be ashamed as well?

Sat Apr 29, 02:43:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger thegools said...

I posted this comment on The MyDD entry. I believe Webb has shown again that he is a wise, and decent man.

Here is my MyDD entry:

"Webb is a decent man. Diving into the quagmire of murky and arguable symbols could serve only to divide the electorate and lose votes in a rising swing-state. Webb is a populist and a would-be uniter. He is also no fool.

I will not comment on the recently uncovered, nasty stuff attributed to Allen. Indeed I have nothing good to say about the man. However, I will comment on why digging into old wounds (the confederacy) is a bad idea now, when we have such a good chance to elect a truly positive and potentially great senator, James Webb.

If you want division in the electorate, go after things like the confederacy here in Virginia. I am a Virginian born in Maryland to Carolina Parents, from a paternal line that runs down back to Jamestown, VA (1662). There is no one in my line besides me who was born north of the Potomac. Thus, I think it is safe to say I am of a southern family. That said there is no one who is more grateful than I that the United States of America won the Civil War, and I am not one to fly any Confederate flag ever (though when I was a kid I owned a Confederate flag beach float. I had no idea what it was at the time.)

The memory of the war here is still present. My father heard first hand stories from his great Grandmother, I heard them from him. The battlefields are all around us. The graves of soldiers killed in the war and veterans who died in old age are in every old graveyard.

The names on the graves are the same as ours and our neighbors. They are the grandparents my grandparents talked about. 100's of thousands of southern people died from a total southern population that was fewer than that of today's Virginia. Southerners lost dearly. Then they lost the whole war. All was for nothing. All of that blood and death and sacrifice was for a Lost Cause and in their own backyard. The reminders are ever present.

I do not deny that there are some very unsavory characters that champion the confederate battle-flag (the bigots). But there are also those who use the flags to honor their ancestors (the commemorators). The bigots, unfortunately, sometimes use the commemorators argument to justify their flag use. Though I never display the flag, I understand why the commemorators do.

When the flag and the confederacy are attacked it threatens to insult and turn-off the commemorators, many of whom are progressive and have no interest in the ways of hate and derision. If you lose them in a new swing-state like Virginia, you could easily lose the elections.

Webb would be wise to confront this issue very carefully. There is no use of and no chance of gaining the bigots' votes. However, we (& Webb) can scarce afford to lose the others. Indeed, we should encourage any progressive voters to join the fold, even those who still honor & commemorate the ancestors who sacrificed so much all those years ago."

Sat Apr 29, 10:13:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger thegools said...

By the way: I go by "thegools" on other blogs.

Sat Apr 29, 10:17:00 PM GMT-5  
Blogger Info_Tech_Guy said...

Very thoughtful, measured analysis, kirkg...

Dannyboy, you're correct. Warner also shows the same restraint and caution.

Webb and Warner are on the same page.

Interesting to see today's posting on the Howling Latina:
"Spare Us Your Phony Empathy"

I think that you'll both appreciate this one. I posted a response there too.

Mon May 01, 08:18:00 AM GMT-5  

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