Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Class Warfare in Virginia

While the media continues to focus attention on the failures of U.S. policy in Iraq many of us hope that in the coming elections, George Allen and other incumbents will also be called to account for their role in the collapsing U.S. economy. "Collapsing economy", you ask? Yes, I said "collapsing economy".

Forget the experts and leaders on television and MSM publications. Read the real story of what is happening to the best American middle class jobs and the core of the real U.S. economy.

The New Face of Class War:
As Jobs Leave America's Shores...

The attacks on middle-class jobs are lending new meaning to the phrase "class war". The ladders of upward mobility are being dismantled. America, the land of opportunity, is giving way to ever deepening polarization between rich and poor.

The assault on jobs predates the Bush regime. However, the loss of middle-class jobs has become particularly intense in the 21st century, and, like other pressing problems, has been ignored by President Bush, who is focused on waging war in the Middle East and building a police state at home. The lives and careers that are being lost to the carnage of a gratuitous war in Iraq are paralleled by the economic destruction of careers, families, and communities in the U.S.A. Since the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s, the U.S. government has sought to protect employment of its citizens. Bush has turned his back on this responsibility. He has given his support to the offshoring of American jobs that is eroding the living standards of Americans. It is another example of his betrayal of the public trust.

"Free trade" and "globalization" are the guises behind which class war is being conducted against the middle class by both political parties...

Read it all at Counterpunch

Clearly Jim Webb "get's it".

Just as clearly, George Allen either doesn't "get it" or doesn't give a damn. (It's far more likely the latter as Allen is a co-sponsor of the infamous "SKIL bill", or "shill bill" designed to import low-wage high skilled and/or highly educated foreign replacement workers to fill corporate jobs in the U.S.)

Whatever is or isn't in Allen's mind, we which senatorial candidate is running to become Virginia's "anti-outsourcing senator".


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