Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hillary is Talking out of Both Sides of Her Mouth

Great exchange in the Debate last night re. the unwillingness of Sen. Clinton to give a straight answer to a direct question -- something long evident in her political career which most Americans objectively despise about politicians. Keep on doing what you do best Hillary. But please do it in front of more people so they can get a better measure of how much you are a "candidate for change"... Snicker...

“Unless I missed something,” he [Sen. Edwards] said, “Sen. Clinton said two different things in the course of about two minutes. America is looking for a president who will say the same thing, who will be consistent, who will be straight with them.”

Barack Obama added: “I was confused [by] Sen. Clinton's answer. I can't tell whether she was for it or against it. One of the things that we have to do in this country is to be honest about the challenges that we face.”

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Blogger Mary said...

I call these corporations stupified. uhh....what will it matter if products are a lower price if we don't have the jobs to buy them? duh! outsourcing jobs is BS! I do not support it and I ACTUALLY QUIT WORKING FOR A COMPANY THAT DOES IT. Americans need to wake up before we are all in the soup line.

The parent company of the local mall here is filing bankruptcy....which means we probably won't have a mall in our town soon, and our town isn't the only one. It's called GREED. Health care companies are terribly under-staffed....GREED. builders, etc. paying illegal employees lower wages so they don't have to pay americans living wages....GREED and the list goes on and on....just because they want a bigger house or another fancy car, never satisfied, always want more, and worst of all, too many nonchalant, passive, unagressive Americans getting kicked in the face and doing nothing about it. Isn't this America the home of the brave?....come on people....what's wrong with you.....why are you putting up with this crap!?
I hope I've made my point.

Wed Sep 16, 11:54:00 PM GMT-5  
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Blogger that70sshow said...

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