Saturday, April 29, 2006

WILL-fully Ignoring the Webb Challenge

Writing in Virginia's Contest of Heavyweights ("neo-con"-ised) conservative columnist George Will fails to comprehend or chooses to ignore the issue of offshore outsourcing of American middle class jobs and the widening replacement of American middle class workers with low wage foreign workers.

Nowhere in Will's Washington Post article is there mention of Jim Webb's recent inspiring comments re. economic issues -- offshore outsourcing, job loss, wage stagnation and fair trade.

Will has long taken a very strong position in favor of offshore outsourcing of American jobs and replacement of American workers. The fact that this topic was absent from Will's article leads me to believe that Will omitted this topic quite deliberately.

Clearly, these issues are significant and have played a critical role in Harris Miller's continuing decline. Tarred as a pro-outsourcing, anti-union and anti-American worker lobbyist, Miller is on a downward spiral.

The fact that the Washington Post published an account of the AFL-CIO, DPE letter and fact sheet which branded Miller as an "anti-worker hired gun" was unmentioned by Will. I find that very strange.

By George, why the silence on this topic?

Perhaps it's because this is an issue which Republican officeholders generally and George Allen in particular are very vulnerable on?

Is the electorate seeing the benefits of outsourcing? I think NOT! Many of us live in fear of job loss and feel the pinch of stagnant incomes.


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