Saturday, January 26, 2008

America Sours on Free Trade (DUH!)

The business class journalists at Fortune magazine who write for the corporate management class which reads Fortune have discerned that a large and growing majority of Americans (68%) don't support free trade. Of course, the business class journalists at Fortune slant the story in a most predictable manner evident at the outset with "The backlash against free trade is growing" in readers' browser title bars and links to the story from CNN.COM. Read the (slanted but still interesting) story HERE.

The REAL Economic State Of The Union

Noted economist and fierce critic of "free trade", Dr. Charles McMillion writes about the real state of the U.S. economy. Consider his thoughtful summary a "vaccination of truth" in preparation for the misinformation forthcoming in the next presidential address. The so-called "stimulus package" and rate cuts at the Fed are NOT going to pull the U.S. and American workers out of the downward economic spiral... As Dr. McMillion notes, "trading away our once unique economic strengths while borrowing against the future has failed". Read it HERE and print out a copy for reference during Monday evening's State of the Union address.

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